Monday, September 25, 2017

ATTACK: "I Am Sick and Tired of Rand Paul"

Steven Brodie Tucker writes:
I am sick and tired of the John McCain and Rand Paul wings of the Republican Party. So long as these tiny, idealistic, egotistic, self-righteous wings of the GOP exist, the GOP will remain impotent and irrelevant.

As I watch my ideologically pure libertarian friends swoon over Rand Paul’s refusal to work toward passable legislation to reform health care policy, taxes, and regulation in the United States, all I can think is
that they care more about their intellectually honest and coherent arguments than they do about the real men and women, not to mention children, suffering under one of the least efficient health care programs in the entire world....

I no longer trust the Rand Paul and John McCain wings of the Republican Party. You’re dead to me. Each of you stand on principles, from time to time, which I adore and support myself – but you are willing to sacrifice thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars in order to assuage your own self-importance and claims to “being right”. Screw you for that. Shame on you all for that.

When Americans weep over the loss of their loved-ones, I want you to look in the mirror and recognize that human beings, loved and cherished by their families, would have been alive tomorrow, were it not for your arrogant obsession with “being right.”
 Shame. A damn shame.
Tucker also writes:
The government has no business regulating, taxing, and selling access to the very processes upon which our life and death depend. That’s true, but that’s not the world we’re living in. I need you to live in the now. I need you to open your eyes, take a long look at what is actually happening, and develop informed opinions regarding alternatives.
Senator Rand Paul has told us quite clearly what he sees as the problem with the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare plan. That it merely transfers the crony flow of funds from Democratic beneficiaries to Republican beneficiaries---and maintains most of the coercive regulations that benefit no one other than Big Pharma and the healthcare insider sector.

This, of course, makes healthcare, expensive, inefficient and stagnates growth in healthcare treatments. In my view, Rand Paul is heroic in standing up to this.

But if Mr. Brodie Tucker sees some benefits to Graham-Cassidy that Rand has somehow missed, I would like to have him list them.



  1. Where did you dig up this "Bull Elephant" Brodie Tucker blog guy? Look, I generally support Rand Paul and think McCain is a total idiot. Conflating the two is just plain BS. That being said, the Graham Cassidy bill purports to repeal the individual mandate, allowing some ability for lower income folks faced with unaffordable insurance costs to opt out of Olosercare without having to pay a burdensome tax. Other than that, I don't know or care what crony payments paid shift around between the red and blue teams or what cronies in the healthcare and pharma sector get paid. Repealing 10% Olosercare beats retaining 100%.

  2. I am sick to death of people with principles. What I want is what I want and I want it right now. People with principles just slow down me getting what I want and I am sick to death of that. Real health care is me getting whatever I want so I'm not sick to death of not getting it right away any longer.

    1. Unfortunately, to the idiocracy and particularly the Idiocrat in Chief this is deadly serious reality. No one can lift their concerns out of their segmented little box and longer. That is the irony.

    2. I'm pretty positive that's sarcasm. Pretty good sarcasm at that.

  3. But then that just legitimizes the whole boondoggle. Both sides had their input so now it's here to stay. #IStandwithRand nothing less than full repeal.

  4. "Screw you for that." Screw me?? SCREW YOU!!
    So who the F%#%K is Steven Brodie Tucker anyhow and why should I give a crap. And why three names?

  5. It seems that the notion that compromising in order to pass something leads to a final state in which the political parties attempt to pass anything at all, even if it is barely distinguishable from what the other side has passed, merely in order to have been the party that passed something.

    1. Frank Burns: We've got to do something! Anything!

      Hawkeye: I agree with Frank. I think we should do anything.

      ~ M*A*S*H, s02e10 'The Sniper'