Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Few Things Donald Trump Could Do to End Some of the Disrespect for the Country

President Donald Trump continues to focus on disrespect for the country.
Here are just a few things he could do that could go a long way toward ending growing disrespect for the United States around the world and here at home.

Bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

Stop supporting rebel fighters in Syria.

Stop providing arms and personnel to Saudi invaders into Yemen.

Quit taunting North Korea and Iran.

End sanctions against Russia.

Pull military assets that are sitting on the border of Russia.

Quit calling for trade barriers.

Leave immigration up to the private sector instead of nationalistic, central planners.

Stop the militarization of local police.

In short, quit being an evil Empire and gain respect as a country of peace and freedom.



  1. Robert, a great list. Cross-posted here:


  2. It's always nice to see common sense succinctly proposed.