Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wenzel, Stone, Greenwald: Watch Out for the Generals

It is good to see top observers from the Left and the Right join me in warning about the current military presence in the Trump Administration.

Roger Stone calls it a slow motion coup.

Glenn Greenwald writes:
The current storyline is that [White House chief of staff] Kelly has aligned with Trump’s National Security Advisor, Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, to bring seriousness and order to the White House. In particular, these two military men are systematically weakening and eliminating many of the White House officials who are true adherents to the domestic and foreign policy worldview on which Trump’s campaign was based. These two military officials (along with yet another retired General, Defense Secretary James Mattis) have long been hailed by anti-Trump factions as the Serious, Responsible Adults in the Trump administration, primarily because they support militaristic policies – such as the war in Afghanistan and intervention in Syria – that is far more in line with official Washington’s bipartisan posture.

On Friday, I wrote: The Military Coup in Front of Our Eyes.

It is not clear how all this will play out.

There is something of a resistance growing from the original Trump right. It is aimed in particular against McMaster. Let's see if they have any influence remaining or if Trump has been totally captured.

The White House put out a statement in the President's name saying he fully supports McMaster.

Stone says Trump never even saw the statement before it was released:
While the originals battle McMaster, the key player remains Kelly. As chief of staff, he occupies the most important power spot, especially with the unsavvy Trump taking guidance from him.


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