Tuesday, August 1, 2017

WARNING Democrats are Starting to Win State Races in Trump Districts

McClatchy DC reports:
Democrats are winning special elections this year. Just not the ones most people are paying attention to.

In a party desperate for victories, Democratic candidates are finding the most success in little-noticed state legislative races. They’ve already won four seats previously under Republican control, some of them in battleground districts that split evenly between President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Party leaders say it’s a sign that they are benefitting from a broad backlash to the Republican president, one that failed to lift a quartet of special election U.S. House candidates — including Jon Ossoff in Georgia or Rob Quist in Montana — to victories of their own.
As I have written before, the best thing the Democrats have going for them is the buffoonish Trump in the presidency.

The last thing they should want is Trump impeached.

Of course, this is terrible for liberty.

Prepare for more socialism with Democrats gaining power.

There is simply no fundamental appreciation of the value of liberty amongst the masses.

Libertarian support for Trump is a serious error. Trump must be called out every time he moves in an interventionist manner. That there is a liberty option must be advanced at every opportunity. But it is very late.

Judge Napolitano is very correct in warning about dark clouds.



  1. Napolitano is being a bit of a drama queen. There have always been dark clouds and there have always been political prisoners in the U.S. As long as people embrace might makes right more often than live and let live this will not change. And their embrace will not loosen until they better understand the nature of their own emotions. This is a long evolutionary adventure and the outcome is uncertain but not without hope. Politics is not the whole of life and there is plenty to enjoy.

  2. --- Of course, this is terrible for liberty. ---

    Mark my words: Marxians ans socialists will accuse El Trumpo of being a "libertarian" in an potentially successful effort to smear libertarians.

    I said before that a Hitlery win would mean that socialism would be blamed for the coming economic downturn but not with the orange pu..y-grabber in the president's seat. The left was given free ammunition to which storm the castle. I hope Trumpistas show some shame.