Saturday, August 12, 2017

VIDEO White Supremacist 'Unite The Right' Rally

Hundreds of torch-wielding white nationalists who are attending Saturday’s Unite the Right rally gathered at the University of Virginia and marched to the Rotunda, chanting, “You will not replace us” and "Blood and soil." According to the BBC, the protesters also chanted "white lives matter" and "Jews will not replace us." They were met at the Rotunda by some UV students protesting the rally.

Bottom line: The social justice warriors have gotten the battle they want. They have framed the opposition to them as racists and these marchers are not doing much to kill that notion.

Libertarians are an extreme minority, and losing supporters everyday, but libertarians must be consistent in pointing out that the core problem is that social justice warriors are calling on government violence to enforce their viewpoint on everyone.

From the libertarian perspective, it is not about a position on other races. I have written on that issue already. It is about being left alone---which is something that social justice warriors don't want to do.




(via CNN)

State of emergency declared amid violence

Saturday morning Virginia's governor declared an emergency, and police worked to disperse hundreds of protesters in Charlottesville after clashes broke out ahead of Saturday's "Unite the Right" rally of white nationalists and other right-wing groups.

Fistfights and screaming matches erupted shortly before rally's scheduled noon ET start.


Vehicle has driven into a crowd of counter protesters.

Injuries unknown.


Trump to speak at 3:00 PM ET on the violence in Charlottesville.


At least 6 injuries from car plowing into crowd.



From this angle, it looks intentional.

Update 8
At least 1 dead 19 injured.


James A. Fields Charged with Murder in Crash of Auto into Charlottesville Counter-Protester Crowd


  1. Bob,

    I agree with you 100% that the PC left bears significant responsibility for provoking the alt-right with their constant hectoring of anyone who doesn't share their views. In some ways it's been a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    But I suspect that's not the way most on the left will see it. Instead they'll decide that they weren't zealous enough in stamping out thought crime, and that they need to redouble their efforts to prevent such a movement from festering again.

    In turn this will provoke an escalated response from the right, and the cycle will continue. The only winner will be the state, which will continue to expand as both sides wrestle over its control.

  2. The far left is less dangerous than the far right in america. The far left is too culturally out of touch with the rest of the country to push their agenda as far as theyd like. There is no internal constraint on the lefts ideas, but the external resistance is real. The left is a conglomeration of disparate groups who spend just as much time fighting with each other as with everyone else.

    The right on the other hand has a simple message with broad appeal: rock, flag and eagle.

    The SJW's will eat each other if left alone. The white trash loser torch brigade will eat everyone else.

    What lies on the far side of this will be anything but freedom.

    1. I mostly agree. In a democracy, racial solidarity among the majority race is potentially more dangerous than racial solidarity within minority races.

  3. I hate the expression White Supremacist. It doesn't really describe what is going on. The expression should be White Advocacy or White Activism.

    Although, these days the only identity group who are not permitted to pursue or vote their own interests are Whites.

  4. Protesting the planned removal of statues from public land isn't a protest for free speech or preserving history. These states aren't teaching history and were built after the Civil War:
    "In February, the city council voted to remove the Lee statue, but that is on hold pending litigation. The council also voted to rename two city parks that had been named for Confederate generals; one of those, Emancipation Park, was due to be the site of Saturday's rally.
    Jason Kessler, who organized Saturday's "Unite the Right" rally, said he doesn't consider himself to be a white nationalist. But, he said, "we're going to start standing up for our history."
    "The statue itself is symbolic of a lot of larger issues. The primary three issues are preserving history against this censorship and revisionism -- this political correctness," he told CNN Friday."

    "If historic preservationists want to save a house, they raise the money to save the house and move into onto property they own," said Karen Cox, history professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
    "If these groups are so in love with their monuments, they should follow suit -- pay for it to be removed, find piece of property and then worship to their heart's content."

  5. There are no right-wing groups here. This is simply two factions of the left fighting among themselves. Collectivism is on the left, individualism is on the right. Total government is on the left, anarchy is on the right.

    So whether the collectivism is based on politics or the color of one's skin, it is a left-wing point of view. Nazism is frequently referred to as being right-wing, but it's actually on the left, just like communism. Nazism is *national* socialism (Nationalsozialismus), while communism is *international* socialism. Both totalitarian, both at the left end of the political spectrum. Don't let anyone tell you Nazis are on the right. So the neo-nazis we see in situations like these are leftists, no matter what the media calls them. It's no different than the neocons fighting the progressives - two groups on the left that want to run the show.

    And, as an aside, there are no races. We all came from Adam and Eve. There are tongues, tribes and peoples. There are people groups, people with different facial features, skin color, whatever, but there is only one race. All that genetic variability we see was in those first two humans. So whether it's young vs old, labor vs management, men vs women, Protestant vs Catholic, black vs white - whatever - two groups are pitted against each other, and it's all part of the divide and conquer approach and needs to be exposed and resisted. Don't let yourself be manipulated. Stop the group think and think of yourself and others as individuals.

    1. While I agree with you that collectivism is generally bad, I'm not sure that it's historically accurate to categorize it as an exclusive feature of the left.

  6. If the institutional right would show leadership and courage, people wouldnt be looking to the extremists.

  7. Robert, while libertarians should certainly point out the calls for state force to enforce the SJW priorities, libertarians should also point out that this is a problem of state control of property, and would be unlikely to occur in a private property society. People would be free to erect whatever statues they like on their own property, and prohibit trespassers from rioting on their property to object.

  8. --- White Supremacist 'Unite The Right' Rally ---

    And Unite The Right it did. Running for cover, as one unit. You should hear Fox News talkinghead Pete Hegseth trying to convince himself he's not a racist, when he is under no obligation to do.

    David Duke, the former KKK leader, said something interesting yesterday, after Trump's condemnation of the violence in Charlottesville: 'It was White Americans who put you in the presidency'. Whether that's fhe case or not, what is not controversial is that these groups felt emboldened by the man who strung together the words "Mexican", "rapists" and "Wall" together. Perhaps now people can understand the deep motivations behind anti-immigrant sentiments and stop pretending it has anything to do with saving "American Jobs(R)".