Thursday, August 10, 2017

UC Berkeley Ex-Chancellor to Receive $434,000 While on Leave

Nicholas Dirks stepped down as UC Berkeley’s chancellor this summer but will receive almost all of his executive salary, $434,000, for another year though he won’t teach or run campus programs, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

The paid year off is a benefit provided under a policy approved by the University of California regents at least 17 years ago that rewards executives who are also tenured professors and will return to the classroom.

Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, the UC budget committee chair, condemned UC’s practice of handing administrators an extra year’s salary.

“I’m shocked it wasn’t revisited during the great recession,” Ting said. “We keep asking for more access for California students. UC tells us we have to find state funding for it, but they seem to have all the funding they need when comes to executive compensation and executive parachutes.”

While Chancellor, he had an escape hatch installed from his office in California Hall, gain at university expense, to enable him to evade protestors.

Dirks currently serves on the Council of Presidents for the University of the People.


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  1. This one is like a mix of 'thanks Janet Yellen' and 'thanks government trained killers', no?