Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Most Impressive Leftist in the Age of Trump

In the Age of Trump, there are only a very few sources a libertarian can turn to for sound reporting and analysis. Much of the conservative movement has been captured by Trump and they will go through all sorts of mental contortions to make the ridiculous claim that Trump is anti-war and isn't influenced by the elitists.

On the left, you have almost all focus on the dubious charges that Trump somehow colluded with Russia and focus on the silly analysis of how "presidential" Trump looks from one speech to the next. That's about it,

Alan Dershowitz, on the left, is a bit of an exception. He is excellent on the dangers from a Constitutional perspective of the Mueller investigation into Trump, but he is pretty much limited to that. Noam Chomsky will occasionally make sound comments about the Age of Trump but the comments are outliers.

Probably the most impressive reporter/analyst on the left, maybe in all of current day broadcasting, is The Real News Network senior editor Paul Jay. He is solid and insightful on elitists, mainstream media, the type of generals around Trump, the military-industrial complex and the Empire. He understands how things really work.

He is a lefty, though, so my views on economics are far different from his, but he is so solid on elitists and foreign policy that I have to rave about him.

The below hour long clip is really worth watching. It starts off slow with some inside baseball about what they plan to do at The Real News Network but then the insights really start flowing and don't stop.

Among many other comments, Jay has some interesting insights about the Koch brothers, including that Vice President Mike Pence is their guy. But his take on Pence will scare the hell out of you.




  1. Worth viewing. Definitely some nuggets mixed in with some standard lefty tropes. One funny thing at the end was the lefty conspiracy theories about wealthy right wingers like Mercer/Bannon. Troll farms swung the election to Trump... lol.