Monday, August 21, 2017

Steve Bannon's Enemies List

There is no question that recently fired top Donald Trump adviser, Steve Bannon is going to war with the White House.

As things stand, Trump is not on the target list---for now.

From media reports and private conversations I have had, these are the people I have determined Bannon has on his enemies list:

H.R. McMaster, as I write, Breitbart already has a hit piece out on McMaster, alleging that McMaster failed to properly brief the President about the seriousness of the collision of the USS John McCain with an oil tanker.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka are also high on his list but for obvious reasons, he will have to tread carefully in going after them. He may use surrogates at other media organizations. But he hates Javanka.

Gary Cohn is on the list but McMaster and Javanka rank higher on the "get" list.

 Kellyanne Conway, Dina Powell and Steve Mnuchin are on the list but not priorities. No one at the White House, though, is really safe, not even the President.

Gabriel Sherman reports for Vanity Fair:
At Breitbart, Bannon has a brigade of similarly happy warriors. “We’re in a loud bar celebrating the return of our captain!” Breitbart’s Washington editor Matt Boyle told me on Friday night. Breitbart’s defense of Trump has so far helped keep the Russia scandal from gaining traction on the right. But that could swiftly change if Trump, under the influence of Kushner and Cohn, deviates too far from the positions he ran on. If that happens, said one high-level Breitbart staffer, “We’re prepared to help Paul Ryan rally votes for impeachment.”


  1. please. the man's done. going to war against Wall St and the MIC? the best he can do is snipe from the cheap seats now. The dude is just mad because they just used him to get an insight into the republican voters think.

  2. Over at, Ben Shapiro indicates that Bannon will target Trump in time. First though, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, plus Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

  3. Conspicuously absent from the above list: all the Fake News purveyors!