Thursday, August 24, 2017

SHOCK Ordinary Libertarian Fired After Antifa Tweets "Nazi!" at Employer

You have to find the time to listen to this Tom Woods interview. The big thing here is that Brandon Navom was fired from his job without any grounds because he was labeled a "Nazi" by Antifa, despite  the fact that he has no connection to the alt-right, never mind Nazis, and is just a libertarian.

But Tom interjects important questions and comments at key moments during the interview with Brandon as he explains his actions.

Tom writes:

The world is becoming so insane so quickly, who can keep up?

I figured this was bound to happen, but it's happened even sooner than I thought: a normal libertarian, with no unusual views to speak of, just lost his job for allegedly being a "Nazi."

Woods, this sounds sensationalized. Surely there's more to the story!


Brandon Navom was a Ron Paul delegate from Massachusetts in 2012, and headed Software Engineers for Liberty. He accepted an invitation to speak at the Boston free-speech rally, which had precisely zero to do with the earlier event in Charlottesville.

Before he could do that, Antifa on Twitter went berserk, tweeting at his employer that Navom was a "Nazi." No evidence, of course; hysteria suffices.

His employer promptly fired him without severance.

Navom learned of his firing when triumphant Antifa tweeted his employer's statement at him.


Was a shred of evidence produced to back this quite extraordinary claim? Since Navom is the farthest thing from a Nazi, no evidence could exist, so the answer is necessarily no.

I already have people in my private group saying they are censoring themselves at work out of fear of being branded a "fascist" or a "Nazi" simply for not adopting the progressive line.

It's happening fast, folks.

Check out my conversation with Brandon:



  1. A sharp entrepreneur could find a way to turn a profit off the coming surge in supply of highly-qualified pariahs.

    1. Except in the crony capitalist system his employing the pariahs may very well make things difficult for him.

    2. An opportunity for another entrpreneaur to solve his problem. Libertarians need to stop whining and wrap their heads around the game thats being played. This is not debate squad. There's no points for rock solid rational arguments that no one cares about.

    3. If winning the game, being an economic success is the point, then there's no reason to be a libertarian at all. Throw principle to the wind and be like Alan Greenspan or worse.

      In the crony game, the game that is being played, why hire a pariah genius that will hurt you in the game when you can hire someone with the connections to help you instead? That's worth a lot more than anything more the genius will create over the non-genius who isn't a pariah. And that's assuming a genius who isn't a pariah cannot be found, even if at a premium. That salary premium will be tiny compared to the problems that can be made for business that hires a pariah under these go along to get along circumstances.

  2. America's left has been pushed through "Trump Derangement Syndrome" into a new stage of stupid - what we are seeing is a good old fashioned 'moral panic'.

    There is a decent sociological literature on moral panics and the "moral entrepreneurs" who promote and profit from them that may have use here.

  3. Navom telling the lefties, "I am not your enemy" and converting their ranting into a conversation was great.

    I understand his trying to postpone the rally, and maybe even cancelling his speech, but I don't get him going to the rally as part of the left. Hopefully it did some good.

  4. I'm suspecting that I might be a Nazi since I voted for Trump. Do I have to fire myself?