Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Seeding More Signs of Doubt About Kelly in Trump's Mind

This is the second hit on the new chief of staff, Major General John Kelly.

From The Hill:
Two of President Trump's top advisers reportedly agreed in the early days of the administration that they would not leave the United States at the same time, in order to ensure they could monitor orders coming from the White House.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Secretary of Defense James Mattis and then-Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly — who was sworn in as chief of staff on Monday — agreed in the early weeks of Trump's presidency to coordinate travel plans so that one of them would always be in the United States.

The pact, revealed to The AP by an anonymous official close to Mattis and Kelly, seems to hint at the nature of the Trump administration's internal relations.
There is no one sound anywhere around Trump, but the military around Trump is very dangerous.

It is good to see these hits (Also see:  Good, They Are Going After Kelly).

I'm with the intelligence wing of the Deep State on this move.


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