Tuesday, August 29, 2017

REPORT General Kelly Took Away Trump's Cell Phone

Did I mention that the generals are in charge?

Mike Cernovich writes:
Trump is on “house arrest.”
“House arrest,” is how Trump’s life post-Kelly had been repeatedly described to me. “They keep the door to the Oval Office closed and [Chief-of-Staff General John] Kelly doesn’t let any articles go through Trump until he’s reviewed them,” as Adrian Carrasquillo and Charlie reported at BuzzFeed.
When sources confided in me weeks ago that General Kelly confiscated Trump’s cell phone, I hesitated to report it. How could that be true?
“Oh it’s true, but Kelly gave him his phone back,” a source told me yesterday, “but Kelly listens in most of the time. We call it the ‘party line,’” a reference to a 90s trend where multiple people would call into a phone line to chat.


  1. Again, how is it possible to take Trump's phone away? I can see only three possible explanations: (a) This is fake news, (b) Trump has a phone problem and asked Kelly to take it away, or (c) They have something on Trump and he had no choice but to acquiesce to Kelly's demand. Which is it?

  2. Well if he's keeping John Bolton away then it can't be all bad...

  3. Remember this moment. When Americans look back they will recall this as the moment when the deep state coup was completed.

    It only goes down hill from here.

  4. While everyone is focused on the white trash loser brigade LARPing in the park, the real Nazis are planning the next war.

    1. Most people are the dog, Dug, from the movie Up. Squirrel!

  5. As a kid growing up in a rural New England setting in the 60s, we had a party line, but it was not as you described it. It was multiple households on the same phone line. You knew when it was a call directed to you by the number of rings. But you could serreptitiously listen in on the other party's calls. And when making an outgoing call, you might pick up the phone to find the other party already using the line. Ah, the good old days.

  6. So that's why he's not returning my calls.

  7. Mark Cuban's prediction has been fulfilled.


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