Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ten-Day Anti-Trump Protest March From Charlottesville to DC

Convening Partners activists are set to start a 10-day march from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington, D.C. on Monday to demand President Trump's removal from office.

"The March to Confront White Supremacy," is set to start in Charlottesville Monday, Aug. 28 and end in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Sept. 6. Organizers say the march will be followed by an occupation of Washington, D.C. with daily nonviolent demonstrations.

"This is the time to confront white supremacy in our government and throughout our history. We demand that President Trump to be removed from office for allying himself with this ideology of hate and we demand an agenda that repairs the damage it's done to our country and its people," the website for the march reads.

Listed as partners of the march are:


Color of Change

Center for Popular Democracy

Democracy Spring

If Not Now


The March for Racial Justice

Million Hoodies

 Movement for Justice

The Movement for Black Lives

The People's Consortium


Resist Here

United We Dream

 Women's March

Working Families Party


  1. Shorter version: Trump is racist. We don't like Trump. Trump go home.

    I wonder how much support there is for such a campaign?

  2. Trump had to open his big, fat mouth...

    Now we have this cadre of crazy left-wing groups marching over Washington to ask for his resignation. All encouraged by Trump's ambivalent stance regarding white supremacists and Nazi groups.

    I told you. I told you many times: Trumo was going to be the face of Capitalism whether we liked it or not. Now the left has a new cause, all because Trump couldn't hold his tongue for just a few minutes.

  3. Always opportunities to be had when people are disgruntled with the state, especially when it's a bunch of erstwhile true believers. Sure we'll never reach most of these people, but some are ripe for enlightenment, and need to be shown how Trump is merely a fruit of their asshole god "democracy."

    Don't forget that many current libertarians were once lefties protesting Bush's wars.