Wednesday, August 23, 2017

POLICE REPORT: Crazed Kennedy Behavior That Got Them Arrested

Max Kennedy
I have already reported that two members of the Kennedy clan were arrested over the weekend on Cape Cod for refusing to tone down a raucous party early Sunday. Police in the Cape village of Hyannis, Massachusetts arrested Matthew “Max” Kennedy, 52 — the ninth son of assassinated former New York senator Robert F. Kennedy — and his daughter Caroline, 22.

Now we have  a blow-by-blow from the Hyannis Police Department via The Boston Herald as to insane antics that went down with the Elitist Two:
Caroline Kennedy repeatedly swore and stuck out her tongue at the  police officer who was booking her after her arrest at a raucous party in Hyannis Sunday — while boasting of her academic credentials, and then breaking into tears and asking him if the arrest would affect her job, according to a police report.

“ ‘I went to Brown and I’m a teacher - sweetheart!’ “ police quoted Robert F. Kennedy’s 23-year-old granddaughter as saying. “She stuck her tongue out and repeatedly told me to (expletive) off during booking.”

Her father, Matthew “Max” Kennedy, behaved no better, police said, smashing a glass display cabinet in a home cops had been repeatedly called to, screaming incoherently at them, and refusing to be handcuffed.

“You don’t know who you’re messing with,” party guests shouted at cops as they hauled away Bobby Kennedy’s son. “He was a district attorney.”

Cops stopped near the house about 1:17 a.m. Sunday to speak with Hyannisport Security officers who said they had tried several times to quiet the party down and also broomed party guests who were lighting fireworks on a nearby pier. Cops said even from 200 to 300 feet away, they could hear the party’s booming music and loud guests.

“Upon walking up, I observed several beer cans thrown throughout the lawn and could see several people drinking and singing music on a microphone,” police said. “The microphone was part of some type of amplified speaker system.”

Cops said the moment they arrived at the door, the music’s volume dropped. They asked a woman who answered to speak with the home’s owner or caretaker.

“A male later identified as Matthew Kennedy came to the door and immediately became angry with me. He gave me little opportunity to explain our presence,” police wrote. “I observed Kennedy to have noticeably blood shot and glassy eyes and he was sweating profusely during our conversation.”

Another man came up behind Kennedy and said he was renting the home. During that conversation the music was turned up again. Suddenly, Kennedy grabbed the man who was speaking to police and pulled him back into the house

“Kennedy was yelling at me not to enter the house as I moved closer to the door. Kennedy continued to yell and scream at me and refuse any cooperation whatsoever. He told me to leave. He appeared very unsteady on his feet and his movements were erratic.”

During this time, police said the party resumed. The music was back up to its original volume.

“The disturbance only grew worse,” police said. “I considered the situation to create a physically offensive condition, causing inconvenience to neighbors who repeatedly called police and Hyannisport Security throughout the evening for relief.”

As police entered the home, Kennedy responded by “screaming incoherently” and “throwing himself at the wall.”

“When he hit the wall he grabbed a wall cabinet filled with glass valuables and threw it, smashing the contents,” police said.

Cops said Kennedy resisted their efforts to cuff him, pulling his arms away at one point, stiffening them at another. As this happened guests formed around police, and began shouting.

“A small crowd closed in on us and was out of control,” police said.

Once Kennedy was inside the cruiser, cops said his daughter Caroline tried to open the cruiser door to free him, and was arrested.

“ ‘I tried to get him out of the police car,’ “ she later told the booking officer, the report said. “She continued by saying she did not know it was against the law to open a police car door.”

Kennedy, 52, was arraigned yesterday on a disorderly conduct charge. His pretrial hearing is set for Nov. 22. Caroline Kennedy, 23, will be arraigned Nov. 22.



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    1. Either NSA changed Robert's post as a message, or CIA controls that court system.

    2. That's probably one of the arresting cop's monthly days in court. However it does sound like it is intentionally set up so the whole thing goes away on technical requirement for it to occur within 90 days. Sometimes it's just because they fill up their assigned days that far out.