Saturday, August 19, 2017

Murray Sabrin Sets Down Some Identity Rules for When You Address Him

Murray Sabrin, a Polish, West German, Jewish, heterosexual, white male. emails:
We live in an era of identity politics. Therefore, you must identify me as a Polish, West German, Jewish, heterosexual, white male, otherwise you will reveal your gross insensitivity.


Tom DiLorenzo writes:

The PWGJHWM Community

Murray Sabrin writes that since we now live in an “era of identity politics,” if you wish to avoid being accused of the mortal sin of “insensitivity,” you must now refer to him as a “Polish, West German, Jewish, Heterosexual, White Male.”

Murray is a finance professor at Ramapo College in New Jersey.  Since he is now the founding father of a new victim group, he is bound to be honored with a named, endowed chair, maybe two or three of them, very soon.


  1. I have Polish and German ancestry, I'm a white heterosexual male, but I'm not Jewish. Gotta say, I'm feeling a little alienated.

  2. To many people being white and/or heterosexual and/or male is an act of insensitivity. I suggest that he drop them. German might be insensitive because of the Holocaust. Polish also, due to the recent conflicts between Poland and the EU over immigration and cultural issues. Finally, being Jewish, in addition to being insensitive to Nazis, is closely connected with Zionism, which triggers a great many people on the left. So, in short, Sabrin just isn't "woke" yet. His privileged status in the hetero-normative-zionist-patriarchal-Nazi-Krupnik hegemony is clear.

  3. I'm not up on the latest official Victim Rankings Score Book. I haven't checked if it is available on Ammazon. But I think both Jews and homosexual men have gone down in the rankings recently.