Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Libertarians Should Consider Trump Radioactive

There is really no policy reason to support him and he is an idiot.

As David Stockman correctly observed yesterday:
Here’s the thing. Donald Trump is his own worst enemy and has now proven to have a skin so thin that he should be considered a political hemophiliac. He’s going to bleed out at his own hand.

In this morning’s incident, for example, he chose to blast the only black man on his 28-member national manufacturing Council in a context in which the core issue is that he has been falsely accused of racism. You can’t get any denser than that!

So it is no wonder the main stream media can carry on its anti-Trump jihad with impunity. The Donald’s utter inability to let any slight or perceived insult go unanswered is providing constant fuel for an endless round of media magnified political “crises” that are not really anything of the sort.

 It is a time to make clear there is a third way that has nothing to do with the wacky left or the wacky right.

Trump is wrong on almost all issues but so is the lefty and neocon Trump opposition.



  1. Candidate Trump has been murdered and replaced by President Trump.

  2. ─ But the Donald’s not a racist or a fascist. He’s just a na├»ve dope. ─

    He better be, because only a naive dope could seriously believe or state that more than half of all immigrants from Mexico are drug dealers, criminals or rapists (with only some being good people, he assumed). Or that trade with China is like being raped. That can only be the result of a mind limited by naivete and dopiness, isn't it???