Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How Bad are the People in the Trump Administration?

It's so bad that I find myself cheering most often for the evil intelligence wing of the Deep State (against the military wing) and the crony Goldman Sachs wing of the Administration (against the anti-trade wing).

And the outside alternative is the wacky socialist Democrats.

We are in trouble.



  1. What group does Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie belong to?

  2. Robert, you have jumped the shark. At least before, you wanted to see the state fighting itself. Now you're cheering on the part of the state that is more responsible for fomenting war and revolution around the world? Was the military wing responsible for Syria? Ukraine? The other shady color revolutions and the like?

  3. Your sense of proportion is what I find most troubling. This is a war - and there is no Libertarian alternative faction to back. All those other groups you mention are actually in league together.