Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fascinating Polling Data on Trump From Public Policy Polling

I have said for years that Public Policy Polling is among the best in the business.

Here's is what they write about their recent polling:
PPP's newest national poll finds that Donald Trump's approval rating is pretty steady in the wake of the Charlottesville attack, probably because his supporters think that whites and Christians are the most oppressed groups of people in the country. 40% of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 53% who disapprove, little change from the 41/55 spread we found for him in July.

The reason Trump hasn't lost more ground for his widely panned response to the attack is probably that many of his supporters agree with some of the beliefs that led white supremacists to rally in Charlottesville in the first place. Asked what racial group they think faces the most discrimination in America, 45% of Trump voters say it's white people followed by 17% for Native Americans with 16% picking African Americans, and 5% picking Latinos. Asked what religious group they think faces the most discrimination in America, 54% of Trump voters says it's Christians followed by 22% for Muslims and 12% for Jews. There is a mindset among many Trump voters that it's whites and Christians getting trampled on in America that makes it unlikely they would abandon Trump over his 'both sides' rhetoric.

Overall 89% of Americans have a negative opinion of neo-Nazis to 3% with a positive one, and 87% have an unfavorable opinion of white supremacists to 4% with a positive one. Just 11% agree with the sentiment that it's possible for white supremacists and neo-Nazis to be 'very fine people,' to 69% who say that's not possible...

Trump continues to be unpopular, with a 40/53 approval spread. Voters think he has failed on two of the core promises of his campaign. Only 15% believe he has been successful in 'draining the swamp,' to 64% who say he hasn't. Even among Trump's own voters just 26% think he has delivered on this promise to 53% who say he hasn't. When it comes to whether Trump has come through on 'Making America Great Again,' just 33% of voters say he has to 59% who say he hasn't...

Trump continues to trail both Bernie Sanders (51/38) and Joe Biden (51/39) by double digits in possible 2020 match ups. PPP never found Hillary Clinton up by more than 7 points on Trump in 2016. Sanders and Biden each win over 12-14% of the folks who voted for Trump last year. Also leading Trump in hypothetical contests at this point are Elizabeth Warren (45/40), Mark Cuban (42/38), and Cory Booker and Trump Twitter Target Richard Blumenthal (42/39). Trump ties Kamala Harris at 39% each and John Delaney at 38% each.

Generally speaking just 57% of Republicans want Trump to be the party's nominee again in 2020 to 29% who say they would prefer someone else. That 28 point margin for Trump against 'someone else' is the same as his 28 point lead over Mike Pence at 52/24. Both Ted Cruz (a 40 point deficit to Trump at 62/22) and John Kasich (a 47 point deficit to Trump at 68/21) are evidently weaker potential opponents than 'someone else.'


  1. Did you or did the study OMIT or the data or fail to ask on how Trump supporters feel about neo-Nazis or white supremacists? I suspect that they feel much the same as the general group reported. I'm not trilled with Trump or most of his policies but it is incredible that he has any support after the non stop negative and dishonest media coverage like the "Russian Collusion" narrative. As you well know members of the "Deep State" Crony Capitalists and YOU have had the knives out for him since the beginning of his campaign. Remember that is when you HARANGUED Rand Paul for not being Libertarian enough to suit your Rothbaridan perspective. From your recent posts I see that you may be sorry you did so!

    1. "There is a mindset among many Trump voters that it's whites and Christians getting trampled on in America"

      yeah, that's probably because there's a lot of white Christians in the country. Plus, they are probably feeling down and oppressed because the economy is in the shitter thanks to the Govt and Fed manipulations.

      (notice how I used "probably" twice there? I learnt that trick from the article... )

  2. I believe the delegitimization of traditional morality began in earnest with the Roe v Wade decision. Not only was abortion allowed, but it was now a human right to abort, meaning that holding the traditional position that abortion was the killing of an innocent human (easily defensible using biology and reason alone) was no longer a position that could be enforced by civil law. Legal attacks against traditional morality have continued unabated since then. All of this is an attack on the Freedom of Religion. Now, only one moral position must be held by all, by force of civil law.