Friday, August 18, 2017

Even If It Was a Set Up, It Doesn't Excuse Trump

There is some speculation that the alt-right protest in Charlottesville last weekend was a set- up.

It is curious that the police did not keep the protesters and counter-protesters separated but I have it from multiple sources close to some of the most high-profile of the alt-right protesters that some of them just may be mentally unhinged and extremely unlikely to be agent provocateurs.

Though protest organizer Jason Kessler seems to have a curious background.

That said, there was violence in Charlottesville and the President should have simply condemned it with out the deflection focus on the Left. The lefty Antifa is a very violent group and he will have plenty of opportunities to condemn them in the future. But this was an alt-right/neo-Nazi/white supremacist event. They carried KKK-like torches, gave the Nazi salute and chanted Nazi slogans.

Trump's focus should have been on that, regardless of who was behind it. There was violence and he should have condemned it.

And he should have also said:

"I am very disappointed that the local and state police did not keep the two protesting groups seperated. I have instructed Attorney General Sessions to fully investigate and provide me with a complete report."

Then Trump should have called Sessions in his office and said:

"Get every expert on crowd control we have and find out about all the violations of proper procedure that occurred. Find out what really went down and bring me the asses of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer in slings."



  1. Has Mitt Romney been given admin privileges to post at TL? Just kidding... I think...

  2. What F#@%ing business is it of DJT and Herr Sessions how Virginia local cops handle crowd control? It is a local issue.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. The federal government has no authority over local law enforcement.

  3. There was no violence the night of the march with the "KKK-like" torches, correct ?

    Kudos for questioning Mr Kessler's background.
    Mr Enoch's is just as curious.

  4. I'm really at a loss to understand why Antifa should not be condemned in the same breath as the Nazis. Antifa act far more Nazi like. In any case these days anyone who challenges the Progressive Narrative is branded a Nazi. It won't be too long before RW is branded a Nazi as well.

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    1. There have been KKK demonstrations before, mostly with only minor issues.
      The game changer was the presence of BLM and most significant Antifa.
      Wenzel, have you forgotten Antifa's prior violence or do you just choose to forget? Antifa was the reason for the shields and sticks. The prior night's march with torches, well, see the history of the olympic torch.
      Yeah, it was a KKK/Nazi whatever. Do you think it was going to be any different had it been just regular folks with Antifa there? Surely you can't be that naive!

    2. I beg forgiveness for not noticing the "corrected" words in the original post.