Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Eat Your Heart Out, Nancy MacLean!

Murray Rothbard

In her factually-challenged attack book, Democracy in Chains,  Nancy MacLean mentions a Murray Rothbard paper, Toward a Strategy for Libertarian Social Change.

It is clear from the context that she is aware of the paper but had not seen it. I have just obtained a copy of the 178- page paper. All I will say now about the paper, written by Rothbard in the 1970s, is "Wow!"

There is juicy stuff in this paper that MacLean could have really distorted. This is Murray at his grandmaster strategic best.  He had, clearly, carefully studied other grandmaster social and political strategists---and laid out THE plan.

I am told that there are probably no more than a dozen copies of this paper in existence.

He ends the paper with this line: "Liberty will win!"

Also of note in the paper, Murray mentions a Charles Koch strategy paper. He quotes from the 1976 unpublished Koch paper:
Under what conditions should radical ideas be introduced gradually and tactfully, and when should they be advocated starkly for shock value.
I am working a couple of leads to see if I can get a copy of this. The belief is that there are fewer copies of the Koch paper than even the Rothbard paper.



  1. So... Where's OUR copy, Wenzel?? :)
    BTW, I've been reading (again) Murray's great little op-eds from the sixties. Great advice in there for revolutionaries.

  2. It must be very small - I can't even see it from here.