Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Donald Trump's Asinine Charlottesville Deflection

President Donald Trump has now spoken publicly twice about the events over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In both cases, his remarks have caused an uproar amongst the timid Antifa class, that is, mainstream media.

The idiot Trump attempted a deflection. That never, never, works. Under pressure, he condemned the alt-right but he immediately deflected with a version of the old Soviet whataboutism technique. That is, after condemning the alt-right, he diluted the condemnation by a what about spin comment on what he called the "alt-left."

What needs to be kept in mind is that the scenes coming out of  Charlottesville showed the alt-right marchers, who called for the protest, carrying Ku Klux Klan-like torches, giving Nazi salutes and chanting Nazi slogans. The wacko driver who drove into a counter-protester crowd was, as we now know, juiced up by the alt-right.

With all this going on, it is asinine to do as the President did and deflect away from the alt-right and attempt to push some of the spotlight on the alt-left.

The Antifa is a very violent bunch with communist underpinnings and no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities in the future to condemn them but the Charlottesville incident was not the time to spin away from the group that held the main stage, the alt-right. America understood this and MSM jumped on the opportunity to attack this doofus of a president.

This is the statement the President should have made:
In America, we have a long tradition based on the Bill of Rights that we tolerate the speech of all including the speech of those who hate. Speech that, in turn, should be condemned by the overwhelming majority of us as uncivil and barbaric. And I condemn the speech of the neo-Nazis and their fellow travelers in those terms here today. It was wise of the Founding Fathers to allow such speech as we can hear it in the open and condemn it as I do now and teach our children about what is wrong with it.

But the Bill of Rights only grants freedom of speech, it does not allow speech to turn violent. Such violence will not be tolerated in America. I have called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to began a Department of Justice investigation in to why local and state authorities were not properly positioned to prevent the violence we saw between protesters and counter-protesters.

Thank you.
But instead, Trump went into deflection which has provided the opportunity for mainstream media to distort the vicious Antifa and portray them as heroic Entlebucher Mountain dogs.

I have warned many times before that this President is pushing the country into the hands of the Left. His comments on the Charlottesville event are further examples of how this is occurring. He needs to be condemned by every libertarian. He does nothing for the libertarian cause.



  1. What actually happened was that the Police, rather than keeping the groups separate, forced them together at which point the Antifa crowd violently attacked the marchers. The police apparently had instructions to do this so they could shut down the proceedings. Sure, condemn the Neo Nazis for being Neo Nazis, but the violence was completely on the shoulders of Antifa and the police.

    1. Re: Robert What?
      ─ but the violence was completely on the shoulders of Antifa and the police. ─

      Sure, but that doesn't excuse the president's equivocations and clumsy deflections. Just why would he feel the need to inject himself in this soap opera?

    2. You know as well as I do that no matter what Trump said - or even if he said nothing - that he would have been condemned on all sides.

  2. Hate to say it RW, but, you're talking out of your MSM San Francisco-leftist filter here. You're now condemning Trump calling a spade a spade. By your logic "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" should have ruled the day in Ferguson. Trump is telling truths in the empire of lies.

    Trump, by the way, did condemn white nationalists and Nazis by name - which I think was his only tactical mistake.

    1. Robert seems to be talking more about strategy than the actually content of the statements.

    2. Re: Stuffed Pimento,
      ─ You're now condemning Trump calling a spade a spade. ─

      You mean you believe he was right when he said there were perfectly fine individuals marching alongside white supremacists and Nazis? I wonder who these 'spades' were...

      ─ Trump, by the way, did condemn white nationalists and Nazis by name[...] ─

      Sure, and then he went ahead and excused them needlessly.

      ─ [...] which I think was his only tactical mistake. ─

      You mean it is a mistake to condemn white supremacists and Nazis? Well, hit me with a stick and call me a piƱata! Who would've guessed that?

    3. Yes, Trump was correct. What he said was that there were fine people on both sides who came out to voice their opinions and protest peacefully. He then clarified that he was talking about people on the right who showed up and didn't know that Nazis and white supremacists would be involved and nice people on the left that didn't know antifa thugs would be involved.

      He didn't excuse anyone from anything. He said if you watch the tape, the violent left started the physical violence and the other side retaliated. That is what happened from what the footage I have seen.

      I think it was a tactical mistake to name white supremacists and Nazis. I think he should have left it at "I condemn the use of violence and the threat of violence, period."

      Can't you already see the negative campaign ad where Trump disavows Nazis? Who has to disavow a Nazi? Makes you think. Even when he disavows, the left says it's a dog-whistle to the racists. Have you stopped beating your wife yet? Can you prove that green card is authentic?

      I'd hit you with a stick and call you a pinata but I wouldn't want to be called a Nazi white supremacist. In fact from now on I'm going to call pinatas "hanging candy boxes" so I'm not accused of cultural appropriation.

      Should Trump also condemn fetus aborters (whom are considered baby killers by half the country)?

  3. From "Here’s What Really Happened In Charlottesville" by Blake Montgomery BuzzFeed News Reporter:

    "The right-wingers were more prepared for violence. Most white supremacist and Nazi groups arrived armed like a paramilitary force — carrying shields, protective gear, rods, and yes, lots of guns, utilizing Virginia’s loose firearm laws. They used militarized defensive maneuvers, shouting commands at one another to “move forward” or “retreat,” and would form a line of shields or a phalanx — it’s like they watched 300 a few times — to gain ground or shepherd someone through projectiles. It seemed that they had practiced for this. Virginia’s governor said that the right’s weaponry was better than that of the state police. The opposition was largely winging it, preferring to establish bases in other parks with water, coffee, food, first aid, and comfort. Conflict would start much the same as it has at other alt-right rallies: two people, one from each side, screaming, goading each other into throwing the first punch."

  4. There is one one law abiding side during that rally - the so-called Nazis.

    The state government shut down a lawfully held rally. Why do you support that, Wenzel?

    1. Re: Matt,

      ─ There is one one law abiding side during that rally - the so-called [sic] Nazis. ─

      Maybe the Nazi regalia and banners they were carrying were still too subtle for you, Matt.

  5. Robert, I'm surprised you wrote the following words as a suggestion for Trump: "I have called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to began a Department of Justice investigation in to why local and state authorities were not properly positioned to prevent the violence we saw between protesters and counter-protesters."

    Why on earth is this local tragedy any business of the federal government? Having the feds hold state and local police to account is to further diminish what vestiges of federalism remain. I understand that these are not the words you would personally utter, but if one is going to make some theoretical points about what Trump should say under the current system, shouldn't you at least try to keep him within constitutional bounds?

  6. @Jack.... stop reading Buzzfeed. It's embarrassing. If the "alt-right" REALLY used "military tactics" They would have fired their guns. The fact that NONE of them did illustrates remarkable restraint on their part. But throwing rocks, bricks, bottles of feces, bleach and urine DID happen and somehow wasn't mentioned in the article you seem fond of promoting.

    1. Re: gcdugas,

      ─ The fact that NONE of them did illustrates remarkable restraint on their part. ─

      Except for the white supremacist driving the Dodge Challenger into a crowd but, other than that - remarkable restraint!

      Trumpistas are pitiful. Pathetic.

    2. They did bring weapons. As one peaceful protester found out as a bunch of neo-Nazis thugs beat him with poles.

    3. @gcdugas... In that quote was "militarized defensive maneuvers", not "military tactics". They weren't given a permit to march through the city so heavily armed. You don't need to use weapons to threaten and terrorize others.

      From that article you didn't read:
      "Each side also threw dozens of water bottles at the other. It was the preferred projectile of the day, along with rocks, tomatoes, broken flagpoles, and balloons filled with paint, one of which splattered a police car."

  7. Everyone on this thread giving Wenzel a hard time...stop smoking crack. Regardless of what happened in Charlottesville, it is plainly obvious that splitting hairs about what white supremacists and Nazis did or didn't do is missing the point entirely. Libertarianism has a hard enough time getting the average nonwhite person to care, and throwing our lot in with these white supremacist losers is probably the worst strategic decision that could be made. Seriously, I hate PC culture as much as the next guy, but come on guys.

    1. Who the hell is throwing their lot in with white supremacists? People are simply attempting to understand what actually happened and how this relates to this issue of free speewch and free assembly. It isn't as if people are just making stuff up about Antifa out of whole cloth.They have a record of doing things to people at peaceful rallies. Most of the modern left seems intent upon all sorts of speech codes and thought policing which should worry people, and its is exactly incidents like this that will make people want more of it.

    2. Exactly. The despicable black bloc antifa thugs have been doing the bidding of their PC overlords in the media, academia and government: en-forcing the party line with an emphasis on force. From at least Berserkley on, we have watched their violence tolerated and excused, if not promoted by the authorities in charge of keeping the peace.

      So after eight years of a guy as prez who attended the black version of a KKK church, any paleface, who demurs in public about anything the left decides is unacceptable/racist/sexist/homophobic/hater etc. pretty much has to come ready to defend themselves because the cops aren't going to do it.

      OK, they finally got shamed into it the third time around when Coulter bailed in Beserkley and Alabama had no problem when Spencer spoke. The cops did their job and made the Antifa mob take their masks off. In part because there was a law against wearing masks in public because of wait for it . . . the KKK.
      Go figure.

      But if we can't figure it out yet, what we have here is our very own Cultural Revolution taking place with the despicable racist Black Lies Matter/|Antifa goon squads playing the part of the Red Guard. The alt right and Drumpf might be buffoons and baboons to a man, as well as racist, but their instincts are right.

      Which is not to say I think the sword is mightier than the pen. The LibProgs SJW egalitarian snowflakes are straight out of the French Revolution, they deny original sin and believe in the perfectabilty of man. Consequently they think force acceptable, preferably by the govt. if not it's wink, surrogates. You either resist them in some fashion or die, because they certainly think they can kill people to achieve their goals.

  8. We certainly can't have this kind of response. Nope, the MSM clearly has committed itself to fostering hatred and division as a tactic to discredit Trump and republicans.