Saturday, July 8, 2017

BRUTAL Gary North versus Bionic Mosquito

Gary North writes concerning Bionic:
He can write anything from now on. I will never trust his site again. This kind of stunt is irreparable. The man has no ethics. He has rotten judgment. He has shot himself in a more delicate place than his foot.

As Leonard Read used to say, "He is in the past tense."

I should have known it was fake, as the rest of my response discusses. It was too good to be true
Sounds like a harsher version of what Bionic wrote about me in response to my discussion of punishment in a Private Property Society:
  It is written as if he has not gone past the first grade in libertarian studies...I am done writing on this.  I will not post a link at the subject article at Target Liberty; I will not comment at the site.  I do not care if Robert sees this reply – his view on the matter is irrelevant to me.  Unlike Robert, if you can’t tell I do not find this a minor disagreement about an arcane point of doctrine.

Note: If Bionic wishes to respond to Gary North, I would be happy to post it here at Target Liberty as an update to this post.



  1. I think North is actually right here. Bionic's story was very misleading and I will tell why. Look deep into his comments on the post- "Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire", when posters tell him what a great place this is, he plays along.

    For example- when one poster commented that it was a great place to live and Bionic replies,

    "Jamie, for you we will cook up a big pot of shrimp, crab meat and Andouille sausage gumbo.

    As to your more serious side, as best as our elders tell us, it was always this way. It's just that most people over time decided that they wanted a king or a parliament, or a president. I think the better question is for them!"

    Here is another comment made by Bionic in his comment section

    "You know, we are starting to think that this new family was a plant, sponsored by some nefarious characters who really don't like our independent lifestyle and governance. They figure that anything they can do to cause conflict will contribute to changing the voluntary governance methods within our community.

    Am I just being irrationally paranoid?"

    Bionic in otherwords had plenty of time to tell his fans that the jig is up and that the story is just fiction in his comment section. But reading those two comments by him in his response to his readers, it is obvious he was misleading them into thinking this was a real situation.

    1. He had done this on his site, if you are a regular reader. It was obvious!

  2. We are a small enough group as it is. Against the banksters, the Fed, the military industrial complex, and all the rest of the villains of the world, we'll let ourselves become fragmented by academic discussions of ideas and sleep-inducing blog posts?

    1. Amen! I don't hold North's Y2K stuff (which my grandfather bought hook, line, and sinker) against him or RW failing to name actual Austrian-lites to the point I don't read them. I wish we could all get along at least in this small virtual neighborhood, similar to BM's fantasy one, that we belong.

  3. Yes I like Gary North, but he once tried to throw me out of somebody else's conference. Heheh. I told him no I'm not leaving.

  4. North needs to chill. It's a misunderstanding.

  5. I was active in the comments of that thread. To me it was obvious that the post was a hypothetical scenario, and I was extremely surprised to see that there were a number of people that believed that it was a real place.

    Gary North is being very weird here. The mistake is his for not being perceptive enough to pick up on the parable being told. I wonder if he would call Jesus a liar because the Good Samaritan didn't really exist and Jesus didn't label his parable as fiction.

  6. I think we have a quorum here. I respect ol' man North but Jeezuz! There's enough real crap out there without freaking out over a MINOR disagreement with a righteous libertarian like Bionic. Let it go, Gary. I too, thought it was a real place, and when I learned it was apocryphal, I shrugged and went: "Oh...I get it, ok".

  7. Amd let's not get into paradox, analogy and van Til here, either.