Friday, July 7, 2017

Why the United States May Be Heading to War With North Korea

This is an excellent and extremely sobering analysis from Stratfor.

Keep in mind this conversation between Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton and Stratfor Vice President of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker occurred before the July 4th ICBM(?) missile test.

After you listen to this, you will understand that the United States is the provocateur while South Korea, which is under greater threat from North Korea, prefers dialogue (as does China).

It also becomes clear that what Kim Jong-un learned from the takedown of  Libya's Qaddafi is to never trust the U.S. and never disarm. In a way, the current North Korean crisis is more blowback from the U.S. allowing a foreign leader to be taken down.

"We came, we saw, he died."


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  1. And yet he seems to talk with the head of the South Korean government. I believe there is plenty we are not privy to.

    "After Poland had a great meeting with Chancellor Merkel and then with PM Shinz┼Ź Abe of Japan & President Moon of South Korea." @RealDonaldTrump
    12:07 AM - 7 Jul 2017