Sunday, July 2, 2017

When Roger MacBride Ran on the Libertarian Party Ticket and Appeared on 'Firing Line'

The good old days---long before clowns like Gary Johnson.

What great stuff. Roger Lea MacBride was a great man.

Recorded on June 28, 1976.



  1. The entire Firing Line episode with Hayek is also now officially available. I'm not that interested in Hayek's "social justice" theories which take up the bulk of the last 40 minutes. It always seemed to me that as soon as Hayek smacked down Keynes, Buckley quickly changed the subject.

    I just happened to be browsing the TV guide that day, saw that Hayek was going to be on and recorded it my trustee little cassette recorder. I made the transcript before the DVD version finally came out a few years ago. On the show, Hayek says that Keynesianism is essentially a hoax, an ad hoc policy meant to apply specifically to the problems of Great Britain in the 1930s. I think that is a very good point to make, over and over and over.

    It was like the Sunday I woke up in Erie, PA with a hangover and just happened to record the audio of Hayek on Meet the Press. No plan, just spontaneous order.

  2. Buckley is wrong about morphine. It was widely used in the 1850's.

  3. The most interesting part was the interaction with the Princeton and Yale students at the end. If they were indicative of the knowledge and perspectives of the general student body, it seems that the reputations of those schools are vastly overrated.