Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trump is Crashing

The masses seem to be aware they have elected a dangerous version of Chauncey Gardner.

Coming tomorrow here at Target Liberty: Why Rand Paul May Be the Last Hope for America



  1. Is Trump a complete idiot or is he being purposefully and knowingly phony regarding getting along with Russia?

    1. Obama stole some Russian compounds in the US due to Russia “meddling” in the election. Since that claim is B.S., you would think Trump would clearly say so and give back the compounds.

    The Obama Administration seized the compounds back in December, supposedly to punish Russia for hacking the election. President Putin announced at the time he was not going to retaliate, waiting to see what the incoming Trump Administration would do.

    The assumption was that Trump would give back the compounds, popular vacation spots of Russian diplomats. The US, however, has conditioned this on Russia making concessions, which Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has presented as tantamount to robbery.

    2. Getting along with Russia would include getting along with Iran. Apparently, Trump’s warmonger cabinet is less insane than he is.

    Monday night was the deadline for the US to recertify Iran’s compliance to Congress, something they have to do every 90 days. While this should just be a rubber stamp of the IAEA, who is actually responsible for monitoring compliance, reports out of the administration suggest President Trump came very close to refusing to do so.

    In a growing battle between Trump and his cabinet, Trump was planning to tell Congress he wouldn’t recertify compliance, while conceding that there was no example of Iran not complying with the deal. This would’ve given Congress a legal pretext to vow to withdraw the US from the deal entirely.

    Most of the cabinet, however, recognizes what a bad idea this is, and how big of an international backlash the US would face in withdrawing from the hard-negotiated nuclear deal. Scrambling to convince Trump to recertify was a protracted effort, underscored by the final certification coming very late Monday night, at the deadline.

  2. Do you think there is country in which we can find some sort of liberty? maybe not 100% ancap, but definitely with hope of getting more freedom

    1. Lichtenstein:

    2. Had to get legal residence there

    3. Apparently the Prince doesn't subscribe to "grow or die" mantra. My app would be denied since I misspelled the country.

  3. The Obama White House was up to its neck in war crimes in the Middle East. Do you seriously believe a President Hillary would have ended this program?

    Let’s hope Trump does better-- he should abolish the program, not just transfer it from the CIA to the Pentagon.

    1. Trump doesn't give two hoots as long as he gives the MIC what it wants. He won't be running again.