Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trump Goes After Mika Again

The President of the United States tweets again (As US aided military actions continue in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. etc,)


  1. When Jack and Jane America is fat and entertained sufficiently and the powers that be have decided that The Bombing Must Continue then it awaits a sufficiently powerful source of attention to take up the cause of peace. Is that person a singer or perhaps a celebrity or media figure? Is that person Tucker Carlson? Rucka-Rucka-Ali - do you hear me?

    Peace is being ignored on purpose.

  2. Trump's tweeting sounds like "Jane you ignorant slut". And we eat it up because we collectively have been waiting for someone, anyone, to take these media elites to the mat, and to do so ruthlessly.

    1. Well Brzezinski was one of Trump's allies during the primary last year and only changed her tune once his rhetoric became indefensive. Case in point.

      This was caught when Mika thought her mic was off when she was about to interview Trump last year in town hall interview in Charleston, South Carolina

      "Just before the show was about to go back on-air, Brzezinski informs Trump that they’ll ask him some questions in the next segment.

      “You don’t want me to do the ones with deportation?” Brzezinski asks.

      “That’s right, nothing too hard, Mika,” Trump tells her.

      “OK,” she replies.