Thursday, July 6, 2017

Top New York Lawyer: CNN Must Be Shut Down

Lionel Nations says CNN is the worst part of the Deep State.




  1. No, the worst part of the deep state are fake-libertarian shills who want to use the abuses of the deep-state owned media to give power to...guess who? why the ( deep ) state of course! to regulate and censor the media and speech itself.
    I mean, how else do we counter state-controlled propaganda outlets? why by censoring the first amendment! the only tool we have against them...
    Yes, the mainstream media is corrupt, no shit? but these people are going down in flames, they are hemorraging money, customers, traffic, are doing the greatest job themselves of destroying whatever credibility they have left, hell they practically are to thank for the circus of the Trump election, and the rise of alt-media.
    You know what that tells me?
    Freedom of speech and an unfettered first amendment is doing it's job. Curtailing the first amendment will NOT hasten their downfall, it will arrest it, THAT is why their shills are calling for precisley that. This has already happened in Britain, now thay have a Ministry of Truth ( read Spiked magazine...) Germany now has the same, take a wild guess who's ends it serves! They use their own media outlets antics as an excuse for the authority they want you to give them, there is more than one layer to the rotten onion.
    DON'T fall for it...If they can shut down CNN they can shut down anybody, including you.
    Now...If CNN's threats can be shown to include even an implied threat of violence, by means of antifa mobs, then that is different : )
    CNN has got to go, yes, but the question is how?
    I recommend activism, on behalf of teh internetz, rather than trying to give more power to the people behind all of this. It's time to step outside their laws with regards to the seeking of retribution which can be done without violating the NAP, ( dumm de dumm, twiddles thumbs...) at least in the worst sense, rather than sharpening the beasts teeth in the hope that it will eat itself and not us...

    1. Great comment.

      "...they practically are to thank for the circus of the Trump election"

      Maybe not a coincidence. Jeff Zucker's (CNN CEO) ties to Trump are deep and have been bigly profitable for both. We may be watching reality TeeVee here.

  2. Yep "Justsomedude" I'm worried that this is all part of the countering disinformation act put into the NDAA2016 with the endgame being --> The only "real" news will "now" be (openenly) given to us by the government.