Saturday, July 22, 2017

This is How Social Justice Warrior Faculty Do Things at Harvard

A faculty committee at Harvard charged with re-evaluating the University's year-old social group penalties has resulted in a bizarre outcome calling for barring student membership in “fraternities, sororities, and similar organizations."

An in-depth report by Harvard's school newspaper, The Crimson, reports that a May 12 vote by the committee on options to deal with social groups resulted in the "ban all social clubs", the most severe option among 10 options, actually came in third in voting by the committee with only 7 out of 27 votes.

The actual vote winner, with 12 votes, was a vote to form a committee to just monitor social groups and pressure inclusivity.

Graphic via The Crimson

Reports The Crimson:
In its 22-page report, released July 12 [afetr the vote], the committee indicated that students and faculty had finally had their say—only a “small minority” of committee members heavily disputed the proposed social group ban, according to the document...
On June 25, almost exactly a month after the committee’s last meeting, members received an email with a final draft of the report attached, according to three members. Committee members were informed they had five days to review the document and submit feedback.
Some members were unable to finalize their comments by the end of the feedback period. Others did not finish reading the approximately 20-page report in the five days allotted.
The report was slated to be given to  [Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael] Smith on July 5. Roughly a week afterwards on July 12, once Smith had had a chance to review the document, committee co-chairs [Dean of the College Rakesh ]Khurana and [music professor Suzannah E. ]Clark emailed the report to the entire student body.
The report was supposed to be delivered to faculty the same day. But due to a “technical issue,” faculty did not receive the report until two days later.
 This is certainly an example of the "by any means necessary" philosophy of social justice warriors.

Khurana and Clark, who co-chaired the committee, declined to comment for The Crimson article through spokesperson Rachael Dane.



  1. Go all the way: ban the faculty senate, the faculty lounge. the faculty club, and cancel all library privileges. And, of course, no faculty toilets or washrooms.

    1. Full egalitarianism or nothing. What a sick mindset.

    2. Exactly. And cancel any endowment funds toward any faculty "organization" . Money talks. Time for the Alumni to step in .

    3. I do believe faculty parking and any special parking places for deans, presidents, etc. Is discriminatory as well.

  2. Go ALL the way: ban all publicly funded education!