Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This is the Fireworks Created by the US Military on Independence Day

The US has become an Empire, just like the type the original American patriots fought against.

Vis US Central Command:
Coalition military forces conducted 37 strikes consisting of 107 engagements against ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

In Syria, Coalition military forces conducted 33 strikes consisting of 35 engagements against ISIS targets.
* Near Dayr Az Zawr, six strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed 11 oil storage tanks, nine oil trucks, six oil stills, six oil separator tanks and a command and control node.
* Near Raqqah, 27 strikes engaged 19 ISIS tactical units; and destroyed 17 fighting positions, three tactical vehicles, a vehicle, two heavy machine guns, a mortar system, a weapons cache, a command and control node, a VBIED facility, and a VBIED.

In Iraq, Coalition military forces conducted four strikes consisting of 72 engagements against ISIS targets.
* Near Al Huwayjah, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed a fighting position.
* Near Mosul, three strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units; destroyed 33 fighting positions, two rocket-propelled grenade systems, and a front-end loader; damaged five fighting positions and a command and control node; and suppressed a mortar team.

Additionally, 13 strikes were conducted in Syria and Iraq on July 3 that closed within the last 24 hours.
*On July 3, near Raqqah, Syria, 12 strikes engaged five ISIS tactical units; and destroyed 10 fighting positions, a VBIED, an anti-air artillery system, and a UAS launch site; damaged 25 fighting positions; and suppressed an ISIS tactical unit.
* On July 3, near Mosul, Iraq, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit; destroyed eight fighting positions, four weapons caches, three heavy machine guns, a rocket-propelled grenade system, and a barrier wall; damaged five ISIS supply routes; and suppressed a sniper team.
In addition, Stratfor reports:
 U.S. military carried out a strike in Somalia against al Shabaab on July 4.



  1. I said the same thing a few hours ago. Partly why I quit marching in the parade halfway through; couldn't handle seeing the slobbering for the Vets in uniform and the near scorn for me the solo one for Peace.

  2. If this is what is really being hit, then all of the water treatment plants, power plants, hospitals, and other social support systems must have been destroyed already.