Saturday, July 15, 2017

These are the Questions YOU Should Be Asking the Police If You Get Pulled Over

Turn it around.

Don't answer any of their questions but ask some questions of your own.



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  1. First, he correctly stated that the BAC level used to be .15, but he corrected himself to 1.5 (you would be dead), then said it was changed to 1.0 (also dead), then it changed to .08. He was off by a factor of 10 on the first two levels, and if he's been a lawyer defending DUIs for 22 years, you'd think his math would be better.

    Second, he asked the hypothetical question, "What infraction did I violate...what did I do wrongly?"

    You'd think that someone who makes his living with his words and questions would speak gooder than that. The wrongly part is a bit iffy, but you don't violate infractions - an infraction IS the violation. And to not know the difference between .15 and 1.5 and .10 and 1.0 (especially after defending drunks) is beyond belief. Probably by 5th grade you should know the difference. Someone might say he misspoke, but I would only say that if he had originally just said 1.5 instead of correcting .15 to 1.5.

    Overall, though, his advice was good, and here are two more videos I would recommend. The first guy is a law professor telling you why you should never talk to cops and the second guy is a cop confirming that the first guy is right.