Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Knives Are Already Out for Trump's New Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci

William Cohan, a "friend" of new White House press secretary Anthony Scaramucci, had this to say about Scaramucci in a New York Times op-ed piece, This is Not the Mooch I Know:
We have shared many beers at Bill’s, on East 54th Street, debating our opposing political viewpoints and sharing our life experiences...
One year, SkyBridge [the firm Scaramucci founded] bought copies of my controversial book, “The Price of Silence,” about the Duke lacrosse scandal, to give away to conference attendees, even though the SALT regular David Rubenstein, the powerful founder of the Carlyle Group and the chairman of the Duke board of trustees, objected vehemently.
But the Anthony Scaramucci I know and admire was not the Anthony Scaramucci who stepped up to the lectern in the White House briefing room on Friday afternoon. Dressed to the nines in a navy blue power suit, he was sycophantic. He professed his “love” for Mr. Trump over and over again — six times, by one count. It was painful and embarrassing to watch.
His blind ambition was on further display on the Sunday morning talk shows. He pledged to rout out White House leakers and threatened to fire anyone on the communications staff who doesn’t get with the program. At times, he seemed to be speaking only to Mr. Trump....
In a further paean to his new boss, Anthony is furiously deleting his past tweets, in a sad attempt to airbrush away his enthusiasm for bipartisanship...
Say what you want about President Trump, he succeeds wildly at diminishing those who come in direct contact with him....
 [M[y friend Anthony Scaramucci, a good man who is rapidly being tarnished by his proximity to Mr. Trump. 
Yup, Slick got slick only after meeting Trump.


(ht Chris Rossini)

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