Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Democrats are Getting Ready for 2018

Reportedly they are going to introduce this slogan tomorrow:
Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages
This is bad. Of course, the slogan is nonsense. The leftist policies of Democrats will do the opposite of what the slogan says. Their policies will result in greater unemployment and lower wages but that they appear to be willing to reach out to the general masses who are concerned about issues beyond transgender bathrooms is the first sign that Democrats are serious about doing what is necessary to regain power.

And the clueless masses who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a supply and demand chart and a tic tac toe drawing are ripe to fall for it, thanks to the buffon in power.



  1. The Dems are doomed in 2020!

  2. The people who will fall for it have been falling for since the 1930s. They fell for it with Trump. They consider free market ideas lunacy. One team fails them so they vote in the other one. Then that team fails them and they vote the first one back in. Trump didn't make it this way, he just plays the game.

  3. The slogan should be "Better Shills, Better Mobs, Better Cages."