Friday, July 21, 2017

Ron Paul's Connection to Trump's Russian Collusion

The lefty media is getting wackier by the hour.

Glenn Thrush, The New York Times White House correspondent, just tweeted this:

Got that?

Rand Paul tweets that Trump is correct, Attorney General Sessions should not have recused himself because of incidental contact with Russian officials.

Rand's father, the great Ron Paul, will talk about libertarian principle to anyone media outlet that will have him.

Ergo, a Putin plot to influence US policy so he can buy Detroit.



  1. It seems to me that if we cannot destroy the reputation of the Democrats over these unprecedented and endless lies about Russia Russia Russia, we all deserve to live in a cold muddy internment camp where it's always November and rainy. Get used to the idea.

  2. Too bad the "Cubans" are the TSA, NSA, military and police heroes here in the Homeland.

    Avenge ME! From "Red Dawn"

  3. Typical NBC "reporter" always Russian to judgement.

    Rush Limbaugh has a first name that sounds like Russia so I am sure he is also involved in the conspiracy as well.