Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Documents Released on JFK Assassination, Oswald

Documents, never before made public, (441 of them) are among more than 3,800 records related to President John F. Kennedy's assassination released Monday by the National Archives, reports NBC News.

"They will not shed any light on the mechanics, the actual physical mechanics of the assassination," said Farris Rookstool III, a leading expert on JFK's assassination, who reviewed 500,000 classified documents about it while working for the FBI.

The materials from the CIA and FBI include transcripts and recordings with a Soviet defector, a former KGB agent who claims he handled the file on assassin Lee Harvey Oswald when Oswald was in the Soviet Union.

If President Trump doesn't stop the release, the likely more informative remaining non-public documents will be released by the end of October 2017.


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