Friday, July 14, 2017

INSANE: CNN Commentator Calls for Bombing of Russia Because of Don Jr. Trump Meeting

On CNN yesterday, Paul Begala called for the bombing of the "KGB" offices in Russia because of the much ado about nothing Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer.



(ht Kurt Nimmo‏)


  1. I hope WW III can wait til I'm back down in de islands. These people are nuts!!!

  2. Sociopaths, extremely small minority of humans, are now on full display 24-7.

  3. Just once, I want someone to hold these nutcases accountable. Go pull photos off Facebook of men and women with families, from xyz terrible place, and ask which of these smiling and happy fathers/ mothers/ sisters/ brothers/ sons/ daughters, they'd like to murder.

  4. Another piece of "earthshaking" journalism from CNN:

  5. and I say
    Paul Bagala should be taken out and publicly hanged!!