Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Copper Caught Planting Drugs at a Crime Scene

A Baltimore cop was caught via a body camera planting drugs at a crime scene. The individual arrested for the planted drugs has been in jail since January awaiting trial.

 This copper should do serious time. And were the other coppers aware? Watch the video. You decide.




  1. I hope the cop is charged with ... trespassing and littering.

  2. I've heard cops in Miami Beach do this as well. And I wasn't told this by a bunch of nobodies, big shot doctors at Jackson confirmed that they are all sure this happens from their own sources.

  3. At the least, depriving someone of their liberties unjustly via state-sanctioned force should disqualify the offender from employment with any branch of government for life.

  4. Cops do stuff like this all the time. They have very few incentives not to and many many many to do so.

    What is it with conservatives and cop-worship? It's juvenile and silly, like a 6 year old being obsessed with Spider Man.

    1. They don't care to look beneath the surface:

  5. This is really something that is sad and if cops are doing the wrong things to create fake cases, then how people will be safe?
    Emma Charlotte |

  6. Good scene from 'Copland' about planting a gun: