Saturday, July 8, 2017

CHILL Nancy MacLean Has Written a Terrible Book But She Doesn't Have That Much Power

Okay, it should be pretty much obvious to any libertarian who is not too busy transfixed all day and night on Donald Trump tweets that Nancy Maclean's book is full of quotes taken out of context, crazy conspiracy theories, etc.  but I do not believe she has the power to influence Jeff Bezos  and I do not believe that Bezos has launched his robots to kill negative (honest) reviews of the book.

I have seen some sound comments by Steve Horwitz on the book as he was reading it and I am sure he has a very powerful review but there is no reason to go Facebook about the disappearing reviews:

Nor is there any reason to spend all weekend reposting, and he will have to repost and repost if he expects a call or explanation from Amazon before he stops. Amazon may be based in Seattle but they have a Silicon Valley mentality. No one in Silicon Valley explains anything or returns calls to customers, well almost no one.

I have a personal VP at Yahoo, who will, and has pulled off a highway to handle a customer service problem of mine.

But you need serious skills far above Nancy Maclean's to achieve this type of royal treatment from a Silicon Valley firm. MacLean doesn't have that.

What is going on at Amazon is that they have been doing background work on their software for about a week and reviews are disappearing and sometimes reappearing.

Here is a forum conversation from last week in the TOP REVIEWERS Forum discussing the problem. There are other such discussions.


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  1. Mike Munger has an epic takedown of Mclean's book over at the Independent Institute website.