Wednesday, July 5, 2017

BREAKING /pol/ Has Just Declared War On CNN

First came this statement from CNN, which indicates that CNN believes HanassholeSolo was the original source of the wrestling mania video showing Trump taking down the CNN logo. The CNN report was made by Andrew Kaczynski (aka: @Kfile):

This was the response by  /pol/
Note to anyone that doesn't understand: You do not want full /pol/ after you.

Also see:  JULY 4, 2017: An Internet War Was Just Launched Against CNN 



Also see:

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  1. Fags, give 'em hell but...don't help set a legal precedent against doxxing, it is a useful weapon, to be used only against the darkest servants of Cuck, the upmost hour of need...
    KEK>>>>Cuck, forever!

    ( Wipes tears of pride...)