Sunday, June 18, 2017

WOW The Oliver Stone Interview of Vladimir Putin

Last night,  I viewed the first segment of the Oliver Stone interview series with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
What an impressive job. Stone doesn't play a silly gotcha game with Putin the way Megyn Kelly did, he lets Putin talk. And, boy, does Putin have a story to tell.

Putin comes off once again as a very sound, very impressive leader who truly understands the world, Russia, and the United States.

This is a must view. The series is on Showtime and I would imagine there is a number of ways to watch it via cable and online.  

Find away to view it. 

This is an in-depth, incredibly sound perspective on the relationship between the United States and Russia. And a great take on a very impressive leader.



A list from Showtime of the many ways you can stream the series is here.


In part 2, Putin is absolutely great on the Deep State, what he calls the bureaucracy. He says that presidential candidates say one thing but when they get into power they realize how different the situation is,

Oliver Stone is excellent in calling out neoconservatives throughout.

At one point Putin dismisses a Stone question about neoconservative subterfuge surrounding Snowden. "They are not that subtle," Putin says of the neocons.

"Communism is dead," says Putin at another point.


  1. "Communism is dead."

    Ah, but it will always be remembered for the great job it did in using its utopian charm to establish and entrench bureaucracies in most countries around the world. Communism went to its grave, but dragged limited government down with it.

  2. Part IV is the most nuanced. His answer on the History of Russia was completely fantastic. Birthmarks as opposed to sjw idea cleansing.

  3. I have the identical view. Oliver Stone conducts these interviews brilliantly. He achieves his goal: get Putin to talk a lot and freely. Repeatedly questioning the mysterious Polonium deaths of political adversaries would not have yielded this result.

    Putin comes across as an extremely intelligent, insightful and savvy guy with considerable wit and charm. I'm glad the interviews are subtitled instead of dubbed; you would have missed the importantly expressive vocal cues.