Sunday, June 25, 2017

Walter Block: I Won't (Hint Hint) Stop You If You Email Bernie Sanders!

Last week I published a letter from Dr. Michael Edelstein, An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders,

In the letter, Dr. Edelstein asked Sanders to debate his old high school chum, libertarian Dr. Walter Block.

To date, there has been nothing but a form letter response.

Is Bernie hiding from Walter? Is he afraid to debate a libertarian?

Walter writes:
[M]y friend Dr. Michael Edelstein,[suggested by an email letter] to my ex high school buddy and former fellow track team member, Senator Bernie Sanders, that he and I have a debate. This is followed up with a (non) response from Team Bernie; not from the Man himself. Somehow, I not sure why I believe this, don’t ask me for my reasons, I don’t think this debate will occur....

 [I]f you want to write Bernie, see e mail address below, I won’t stop you). I wonder why these sorts of people are shy about public debates with Austro libertarians...??? It is probably because the socialism – capitalism debate has been settled, once and for all, with the former winning hands down. Do you think?

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