Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump’s Cuba Policy Will Include New Restrictions on Americans’ Travel to the Island

President Trump is planning to announce changes in its relationship with Havana on Friday, including restrictions on Americans’ travel to the island, reports the Miami Herald.

Bizarrely, educational trips will reportedly be required to travel with a guide from a U.S. sponsoring organization, according to the Herald.

And Trump’s coming changes will mandate that travelers will have to keep records of all their transactions in Cuba for five years in case the Treasury Department audits them to determine if their trips do actually fit in one of the allowed categories, reports Politico.

This is a page right out of the North Korean vistors' handbook.

Also of note, the New York Daily News reports:
The powerful Grupo de Administracion Empresarial S.A also runs most foreign hotels, meaning that Marriott’s Starwood Hotels could lose the special license from the Obama administration it got to operate in Havana.

Americans who go to Cuba could face problems when they return if they are found to have patronized the GAES, rather than privately owned businesses such as inns.
So what happened to freedom of movement and free exchange for Americans?

Trump is worse than Obama on this---far worse. Obama was moving in the other direction, toward more freedom.



  1. Seems like domestic interests have been shoved aside in favor of non-US based hospitality power houses

  2. It's unreal that one human can restrict another humans travel. Restriction of travel is tyranny. Land of the free?
    The only way an American can travel freely these days is to join the US armed forces. Then you will travel to all sorts of countries, and you get to take a gun too, no matter if that country wants you there and who cares about their weapon restrictions. So freedom for some.