Friday, June 30, 2017

Trump Sending Federal "Help" to the Streets of Chicago

What a damn simple minded man.
Trump seems to have no ability to understand the deeper issues that cause the visible problems. Instead, he just expands the reach of the federal government. He's Castro-lite with a combover instead of a beard.

I addressed the real problems in 2012: A Libertarian Solution to Stop the Violence on the South Side of Chicago 



  1. FINALLY! Someone with a smart approach. The troop “surge’ which was responsible for winning the war in Afghanistan is beginning to get some play at home. WAIT! You mean we are still fighting in Afghanistan?????? RATS!!!!!

  2. How do you get people who believe government will bring them salvation to accept this plan? I certainly don't. Because that's a bigger problem than the corrupt visionless governments of southern cook county and Chicago. If removed the people would simply re-create them.

    Productive people simply pick up and move to Indiana or Will County every day increasing the proportion in the remaining population that looks to government for salvation. They can't figure out why things keep getting worse even though they know their neighbors left and where they went and why.

    Of course there's other factors in play as well like emptying the CHA highrises to tear them down. Those people had to go somewhere.

  3. Will they wear t-shirts that say "Hi, we're from the government and we're here to help." ?

    1. or "cause of and solution to your problems"

  4. Amazing how a so-called "pro-gun" president doenst think of the much easier and non-constitution violating solution