Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tonight The Thrilla in Austin (Pre-Recorded and Heavily Edited): Alex Jones vs. Megyn Kelly

Tonight we get to see the Thrilla in Austin, that is, we will be able to view how NBC will edit the interview between Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly that took place in Austin, TX for her show "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly."

It will air on NBC at 7:00 PM Eastern and Pacific and 6:00 PM Central.

Jones has won round 1 by revealing that he had secretly taped the pre-interview conversations with Kelly and also the full interview. He has already released the pre-interview recording.

Gary North has an essay out, How Alex Jones Blindsided Megyn Kelly.

But I believe it is too early to declare Jones the winner. As North acknowledges, editing rooms can be major league distortion machines, so we have no idea what will run.

That said, it is true as North writes:
Megan Kelly got a promotion from Fox News to NBC because Donald Trump insulted her during an early Republican presidential debate. This promotion did not include an increase in wisdom. It merely gave her a larger audience for her to reveal her limitations. Her limitations are considerable.
Her interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a disaster, She was not properly prepared and Putin handled her like a stray kitten.

Judging from the promo of her interview with Jones, released by NBC, her preparation for Jones was not any better.

There are probably ways to get to Jones but Megyn did not come close to touching him. Let's just say her follow up questions in the interview did not reveal deep understanding or study,

She doesn't have it. She is not Mike Wallace with lipstick.

But you would think someone at NBC is skilled. And so we get back to the editing. You just know with the buildup that is taking place, NBC is going to have their best editors and researchers on this. Even with the disaster of an interview that it appears Kelly conducted, wonders can be done in the editing room.  I would think that there are ways through the editing process, even with Megyn's ineptness, to make Alex look very bad. We shall see.

When it comes to the liberal media, North's advice still remains the best:
I was taught very early by R. J. Rushdoony to avoid interviews by liberals. He said they will always have the upper hand. They will get to edit whatever I say. He said that any publicity was never worth it.

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