Monday, June 12, 2017

This is Why the Democrats Won't Impeach Trump, If They Have Any Strategic Sense

Robert Ringer makes pretty much the same point that I have made:
For one thing, the Democrats will never — ever — stop trying to obstruct him from doing his job, because his success could literally mean the end of the Democratic Party. Far worse, however, is Trump’s egomaniacal personality, his brashness, and his inability to express himself in a reasonably intelligent, adult manner....

Which brings me to Mike Pence. As I have said many times, the worst thing that could happen to Democrats — and the best thing that could happen to Republicans — is for Mike Pence to end up in the Oval Office. While it’s true that Trump is amazing when it comes to making things happen and getting his base fired up, Pence has important and admirable qualities that Trump simply does not possess, qualities that make him creditable to an extreme.

Nevertheless, Pence was smitten with Trump during the primaries, so much so that when he appeared on national television to endorse Ted Cruz for president, he began by first thanking Donald Trump for shaking up the system and connecting with everyday Americans. In fact, many felt that his words were more an endorsement of Trump than Cruz.

Pence’s selection as vice president was a stroke of luck for both Pence and the country, because it allowed him to learn things from Trump that professional politicians know nothing about. So, even though I’d like to see Trump succeed, the ideal situation for Republicans would be for Pence, one way or another, to end up in the Oval Office.

It goes without saying that the Dirty Dems would immediately start making false allegations about Pence, but he’s such a Boy Scout that it would strip them of whatever credibility they have left.
Of course, the Deep State and the Establishment would ramble along quite well under Pence so there is no secret blessing for libertarians to see Pence as President. But after the Ringling Bros. show Trump is putting on, "the nation" would be calmed by Pence in the Oval Office.That's not good for Democrats.

The best things Democrats can do, from their power seeking perspective, is to continue their non-stop barrage of bizarre attacks on Trump right through the 2018 mid-term election up to the 2020 election.


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