Sunday, June 25, 2017

This is the Guy that Got Arrested Crossing the Border Into Canada

Yesterday, I reported: Canada Arrests American for Smuggling "Hate Speech" on His iPad.

I am glad I put this in the post:
Regardless of what this clown had to say, the prevention of the carrying of a speech on an iPad is horrific.
Thanks to Martin Hill, now I do know what Wild Bill thinks. Martin emailed the below clip.


I have not studied the confrontation between Israel and Hamas close enough to form an opinion on who is "in the right." My guess is leadership on both sides are yahoos. Though the Israeli government puts a lot more pressure on United States officials to get the US involved (Score one for Hamas)

The US should play no role in the conflict. Stay out of foreign entanglements and all that.

At least in this video, Wild Bill is not directly calling for a US role--but it doesn't seem like he wants to go over there and fight himself. He just wants to be a cheerleader for Israel from a great distance.


Like, I said in my initial post, government preventing private speech is very bad policy.

First, they silenced the wackos----then they called me a wacko.



  1. LOL! Wow. People never cease to amaze me.

  2. Based upon my endless attempts to induce some brain wave action in the minds of Democrat and Republican loyalists at the sight of U.S. war crimes, I've determined that:

    1. Democrats just LOVE Obama and cannot emotionally accept that he is a mass murdering war criminal. Thus, evidence of Trump's war crimes do not faze them because it would force them to think about Obama's war crimes which they cannot do.

    2. Republicans just LOVE Israel and think Obama is a weenie. They cannot accept that Israel commits war crimes or that it stole all of its land. They cannot accept that Israel has been aiding Sunni headchoppers in Syria or that Assad protects Christians. They cannot accept that Obama is a war criminal because their world view is based upon him being a weenie. They don't care about Trump's war crimes because they basically hate all Middle Easterners, including Christians, other than Israelis. I recall reading that the largest US voting bloc is evangelicals at 24% and they all LOVE Israel.

    As a bland quasi-Methodist hanging around Jews in Ann Arbor and the Detroit suburbs for 60+ years, it have found that most Jews think evangelicals are complete idiots. Further, Jews are leading the "culture war" against the evangelicals.