Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The US Air Force is Now, For All Practical Purposes, the Air Force for ISIS and Islamic Radicalism

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is doing some of the best reporting on the escalation in the Middle East.

 The below video is a must view.




  1. But, but, the alt-righties interrupted some lefties putting on an anti-Trump play in the park! Winning!

  2. This is a very simplistic report that doesn't explain the whole situation. There aren't just two sides in the Syria conflict. He talks about the US supporting Kurds as being a pro-ISIS position. This is nonsense. The US has been supporting Kurds for years going back to Iraq 1 under Bush 1 and probably earlier. The report was that these forces that are pro democratic were in an engagement where the Russian plane was acting aggressively and bombing and that the US plane did a bunch of warning maneuvers and radio warnings before engaging. Just because this area is controlled by Isis doesn't mean there aren't anti-Isis forces there. In fact, why would forces fighting Isis be engaged in any area where Isis isn't around?

    We also have to remember that US forces have been sent to help forces that are fighting both the government forces and ISIS. There are a lot of different factions fighting for power in Syria right now, not just two sides. If some american or allied troops were embedded with forces and they were being attacked by Russian planes, that would make this much more understandable. Of course if this is the case, the US would never admit that we have any troops in combat.

    In short, the official story likely isn't true and neither is this one. This area is a total mess and the US should have never gotten involved, but now that we are involved it seems highly unlikely we will walk away because it would make the US look like it was weak and was defeated. The presumption that fighting Syrian regime forces is the same as being on the side of ISIS shows a poor understanding of what is going on in the region.