Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Ocuck Play

By Robert Wenzel

The idea of classical liberalism is based on the idea that we are a civilized society and that through generally free interaction we can produce a pretty damn good society. It is the opposite of the Regressive (aka Progressive view) which advocates the gaining of power and honors the centrally planned society.

Because Regressives desire power, the associated movement has never been one that favors debate, the seeking of truth and freedom of speech. It is a violent perspective that operates by taking.
been one that favors debate, the seeking of truth and freedom of speech. It is a violent perspective that operates by taking.

Thus, it can be infuriating to see a play being held in New York City's Central Park, where the current sitting president, Donald Trump. is, in the play, assassinated.

That's the Regressives for you, vicious and violent. And, while, Trump on almost all positions is weak and far from classical liberal in his views, it is disturbing to see that the Regressives are easily willing to resort to an "artistic" theme of assassinating him because he is not the one they want to see in power controlling the masses. It reminds us all of how violently they think.

This assassination theme, it should be added, has taken place during a time when Regressives have interrupted, at numerous locations, speakers from the right.

It is with this atmosphere during the long and hot days in New York City that some rightists chose to interrupt the assassination play. On more than one occasion, they charged on stage, shouted and interrupted the modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, where the Caesar actor resembling Trump was assassinated.

I have objected to this charging on stage as has Tom Woods.

There have been objectors toward our view:

One comments:
I don't advocate lowering standards but I understand do on to others as they do on to you as well. In that vein of neutrality I offer a practical question:
What has playing to higher standards ever accomplished against the authoritarian collectivist ends justify the means left? 
Another writes:
 We have license from to do pretty much whatever we need to stop their assualt on civilized society, up to and including physical removal. The only question is, how advantegous violence is to our goals.
And another:
  Who said anything about being better [behaved] than AntiFa?

You bowtie-wearing well-behaved cucks and friends don't get it. This is the right, the real right (aka the Alt-Right), getting what conservatives have refused to after decades of denial. The same people who can't even conserve bathroom use (for women or anyone, given the inability of "refugees" to even use a toilet properly).

We have read Rules for Radicals, and are fighting back, using those same rules. To wit:

"Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." [The enemy does this to us constantly. Make them suffer likewise. We don't what care YOU think NY Cynic, since you will never accomplish a single constructive thing in this war, ever.]

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." [Enough said.]

"A good tactic is one your people enjoy."

"Keep the pressure on. Never let up."
There are problems with these comments on many levels.

First, there appears to have been hundreds if not a thousand or more watching the play. Who is to say they were all leftists? Could it not be possible that there are simply some Shakespeare fans in the audience who enjoy, in critical fashion, different adaptations of a play? Are rightists now supporting collateral damage?

The play is in Central Park so it is a bit problematic but for the most part this is a private production. Do rightists not support private efforts? Do they really believe they should be disrupted?

The argument that the left is doing this to us, and that therefore, we should do it to them is nothing but being sucked into the leftist game.

They do not have logic and truth on their side. They want it to be an uncivilized battle of boorish behavior. It supports their actions in the grab for power.

The classical liberal attack must be much more powerful. On a level, they can not compete.

Of course, this does no mean we can not attack with creativity and great symbolism. We just shouldn't violate private property and disrupt others.

If they want to create at an artistic themed play of an assassination, we can always win that battle without barging on stage, with truth, intelligence and teaching a lesson. They can't teach lessons, They can't use truth. It is only about power for them.

If someone wants to counteract the  Regressive Trump assassination play. I would recommend the creation of an Ocuck play.

By this, I mean a play where in the opening scene it is discovered that the Trump-like character was not assassinated but only severely wounded and that an emergency vehicle arrives.with numerous wonders of capitalist medical technology on board, that keep the Trump-like character alive and cause him to begin to recover.

But via poetic license, the emergency vehicle can not transport the Trump figure and so different passersby are offered large sums of money to transport the Trump figure in their vehicles.

The passersby are all from politically correct groups, a black woman, an Asian gay, a man/woman in the middle of a sex operation, a student with heavy college tuition bills, a person with a pre-existing health condition, etc.

To each a large sum of money is offered to transport Trump and as they each consider the offer, seemingly about to say "Yes," a black man appears who resembles former President Obama. He says each time to the prospective transporter, "Don't do it." I will Ocuck you and then take care of all your problems for the rest of your life.

After each is taken off stage and Ocucked, they each then come back on stage, with torn clothes and almost mugged like look, and lay on weak, lounge chairs that are in disrepair, ignoring offers to take the Trump figure to the hospital, as they believe, in something of a daze, the promise that the Obama-like figure will come again and Ocuck them once more and solve all their growing problems.

Perhaps, a Hillary-like figure appears on a lounge chair who most clearly was also Ocucked.

They continue to wait and wait for the Obama-like figure to save them but he is only seen in the distance calling out others to be Ocucked.

Finally, the Trump figure is so revived at the scene that he pulls the intravenous lines out of his arms and with a mind that appears to have the knowledge of Henry Hazlitt in economics and Ron Paul in foreign policy goes to visit each and every one of those on the lounge chairs who are now near death. He explains to them that the Obama-like figure is not going to be back to help them and he explains in simple Hazlitt-like terms that they can help themselves in the classical liberal tradition, never having to be chained or ordered around by anyone.

The play ends with music, energy and all dancing.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of  EconomicPolicyJournal.com and Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn. The Robert Wenzel podcast is on  iphone and stitcher.


  1. interesting idea. maybe whoever does this play should attempt to book all the places the shakespeare play is in right after it finishes and encourage the audience to stay for a second free play.

  2. I agree with you. You're not going to see me rushing the stage of a play, yelling and screaming like a fool as I'm being dragged away. But my guess is that the people putting on this play are not helping their cause. I think most people, with the exception of the fringe left, are put off by this kind of thing. They don't like to see depictions of presidential assassinations put in a good light.

    As far as a "counter play," I suggest some adaptation of The Reign of Terror. You could guillotine statues, change the calendar and language to be politically correct, destroy all traditional institutions, and finally death to those who resist. It wouldn't be hard to make close modern parallels to what actually happened in France. It could be a real eye-opener if done right.

    1. Fantastic idea. I was just thinking the other days about the parallels of the progressives movement and the French Revolution.