Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Idiotic Snowflakism of the Right

Ben Shapiro writes:

On Friday evening, alt-right Trump supporters invaded Shakespeare in the Park in New York City and interrupted the performance of the controversial production of Julius Caeser, screaming at the audience. As tweeted by troll Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer of Rebel Media charged the stage and began screaming, “This is violence against the right!"...

This idiotic snowflake-ism was promoted widely among right-wingers. It’s disgusting, it’s unjustifiable, and it’s no different than when protesters storm the stage at my speeches at University of Wisconsin or attempt to block me at California State University at Los Angeles or chant Charles Murray into submission at Middlebury or block Ayaan Hirsi Ali from speaking on campuses or invade Heather MacDonald’s events. The minute you equate speech with violence and attempt to forcibly shut it down, you're a snowflake. End of story.

I may think this production of Julius Caesar is puerile and shallow and pandering to a far-left crowd. But to link that performance with violence is absurd. Words are not violence. Artistic interpretations that involve the current president of the United States are not violence. There is no evidence that the Congressional shooter was a viewer of this play. Even if he had been, to attempt to shut down speech you don’t like by blaming its impact on fragile minds spells the end of free speech.

This morning, I wrote that the right was in serious danger of capitulating to the left’s “hate speech” argument by reversing it on the left. If the right cheers and accepts this kind of stupid, juvenile hooliganism as a legitimate tactic in the political fight, they have no leg to stand on when it comes to defending free speech on campus or anywhere else from the leftist snowflakes who threaten it.


  1. Ben Shapiro is a cuck.

    As I pointed out in the previous post on this subject.

    You bowtie-wearing well-behaved cucks and friends don't get it. This is the right, the real right (aka the Alt-Right), getting what conservatives have refused to after decades of denial. The same people who can't even conserve bathroom use (for women or anyone, given the inability of "refugees" to even use a toilet properly, and cities like Denver repealing laws against public defecation in deference to them).

    We have read Rules for Radicals, and are fighting back, using those same rules. To wit:

    "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." [The enemy does this to us constantly. Make them suffer likewise. We don't what care Ben thinks, since he will never accomplish a single constructive thing in this war, ever. Oh, and Ben, you have to go back. You belong with (((us))).]

    "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." [Enough said.]

    "A good tactic is one your people enjoy." [Ben does not have fun. We do.]

    "Keep the pressure on. Never let up." [In other words, fire left, not right. Go away Ben, until you realize who your enemies really are. They will NEVER stop disrupting you until they realize that such disrupting can and will rebound on them.]

    1. These tactics would impress me if done in the service some principled banner carrier of the "right" rather than some ad hoc opinion holding, central planning, military worshiping, legacy wealth, former reality TeeVee star.

    2. When have you engaged in anything?
      There is a low level conflict right now. Engage it at this level or you will be engaged at a worse level.
      The principle is simple. We are peaceful until you disrupt. Then we will disrupt. Start violence and we will end it.

    3. @JaimeinTexas: None of this has anything to do with liberty but go on with your bad self.

    4. Hollow. Your constant bending over has nothing to do with you being on the losing end.

    5. @JaimeinTexas: Don't "engage" the facts, just keeping blustering like the keyboard tough guy you are who thinks disrupting some play in a park to protect the honor of an ideologically all over the place and definitely non-right wing president like Trump constitutes "winning." You probably think Texas is some bastion of freedom and liberty, too. Sad.

    6. You are missing the whole point. At this level, it is only applying a disruption of a play. The liberal snowflakes go hyperventilating when the same is done to them. The game pointing to the liberal hypocrisy.
      I know it is too much for you to grasp.
      As to my blustering, I do not know you, do not know me. Meh. Who cares.

    7. Btw, Texas is better than many.
      As to Trump. He does not matter. This has been building for long time.

  2. Your the cuck, Trumpkin...
    " A good tactics is one your people enjoy.' - no, a good tactic is one that actually works.

    "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." [Enough said.] - when you act like a clown guess who is really being ridiculed?
    Terrorists use suicide bombers, hey lets respond in kind, right?
    Oh, and since feminists smear period blood on their faces and run around screaming, we should do that too yeah?
    The left's tactics have not worked so well for the left, have they? Their use of 'Rules for radicals' has resulted in the election of Trump, e-celebs like Trollopolous and massive cultural backlash.
    Myth busted: Alinsky's 'Rules for radicals' has never been effective strategy and tactics.
    The success of the left is in fact NOT due to the use of these tactics, rather due to other more subtle and subversive means. Such as state granted corporate monopolies on the platforms, and media infrastructure ( now being dismantled by the internets ) and infiltration of government and academia, to place their stooges in key positions.
    The truth is the progressive left NEVER won the culture war, and they definitely won't with Rules for Fools
    Neither will you.
    Why do you want to embrace a set of tactics that simply do not work?

  3. I do not care about the play but use the veey same tactics employed by antifa/liberals and, oh, the humanity! Then come the cucks whining.
    When the enemy fires and engages in violence, the libertarians will sit and sing Imagine.
    Yeh, right.
    Did not like the stunt by Rebel Media? Do not start.