Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Super Neocon Condoleezza Rice Praises Trump

It really can't get more sickening than this.

"I believe every president of the United States stands for our values," said Rice, who served as secretary of State and national security advisor during the presidency of George W. Bush. "You heard President Trump say, for instance, after the Syrian chemical attack, we can't let that stand. What he was saying was the president of the United States can't let that stand," reports CNBC.

She added, according toe CNBC, that Russia, in the context of the election meddling, needs to be viewed as a "hostile power."

The war hawk Rice just punched Libertarians for Trump in the gut.


1 comment:

  1. Trump must be desperate for some public indication of support from anyone. What's so strange is that both of Condi's quoted examples are based on fake news. The Syrian gov't gas attack narrative and the Russian meddling in the election narrative are being thoroughly dismantled on a daily basis.