Friday, June 16, 2017

President Pence?

Drudge is running with the above headline. It links to a major league puff piece on Pence by Politico.

From the piece:
He might be the most consequential vice president ever. He could well be the next commander in chief. And the one person in America he can’t have thinking about that is his boss.
The Deep State (all wings) seem to love this guy---that has to concern Trump.

On the other hand, the one protection that Trump has against impeachment is that the Democrats can't possibly want Pence in the White House, Pence in the White House would be a sense of relief to the masses and would be difficult for the Democrats to beat in 2020. He would also do a lot to protect Republican strength in Congress.

The best strategy for Democrats is to continue the unrelenting attacks on Trump but to never go for impeachment. For his part, Trump needs to fight back in a manner that adjusts the value scales of Democrats and the Deep State, but to date, Trump seems incapable of moving beyond his street fighting style to the power games and nuanced style of Washington DC.


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