Friday, June 9, 2017

Hillary Clinton: "The Internet is not a friendly place for women."

Hillary Clinton continues to promote the idea that the Internet is out of control---which, of course, means in her mind that she should be elected so she can control it.

She sent the following note to Lauren Duca, who writes the Thigh-High Politics column at Teen Vogue.

For the record, the Internet is vast and contains all kinds of views, some good, some bad just like the rest of life. There are plenty of friendly places on the Internet for women. Censorship by government of any views is extremely dangerous.


(Source: Lauren Duca)


  1. I'm not surprised by Hillary's views on the internet, she has talked about government censorship before. This Lauren Duca woman is a crazed lefty, Hillary must think she can win some young impressionable women over by showing some love to Lauren.
    Tucker had a humorous interview with Lauren Duca:

  2. Yeah Hillary you're really well known for challenging established systems of power. If you were actually for that, you'd probably be trying to help Donald Trump succeed being that he ran on that exact platform.

    Is there a word for someone who is a fraud but is oblivious to the fact that everyone else knows she's a fraud? That's what Hillary Clinton is. Her unaware narcissism is cringe worthy.

  3. If the Internet is not a friendly place for women, then stay off the Internet. Nobod invited you in the first place, Your Majesty.

  4. "The Internet is not a friendly place for women" That is because everyone on the Internet - knows you corrupt - liar - scumbag!!! The Truth just comes out faster!! It was obvious with your email server, Clinton foundation, etc

  5. On the internet nobody knows what you are unless you tell them. It's often fun to let people assume.

    Or as the old cartoon goes "On the internet nobody knows you're a dog"

  6. I know a lot of women, all of whom use the internet. Never heard one of them say such a thing. This is just Hillary being a hegemonic gender-oppressing bigot.

    See, we can use fancy terms too.